Thursday, January 3, 2008



OK so I understand that I live in the warmest place in the country right now, but that hasn't stopped the cold from reaching down here too. This morning it was 45 degrees, breaking the record for this day that had been set back in the 1890's, and coming within 4 degrees of the all-time low for Key West. Making matters worse, my house has no heat (why should it?) so it was 49 degrees INSIDE when I woke up this morning. BRRRRR!!!

For reference, the average monthly temps for Key West in January are 75/65, the coldest averages for any month. It was 85 three days ago.

Watching the weather last night, 50% of the US has snow on the ground right now so I guess I shouldn't complain. But I will shiver. These flip flops do nothing to keep my feet warm, so I guess it's partially my own fault. It'll be back near 80 by the weekend, which will probably feel like 120. Let's go fishing!

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