Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Fog / Bahia Honda

Friday the 13th. We come out after seeing the new Jason movie, and find that a thick fog has dropped down onto the Lower Keys. Perfect timing! I went back to the CG base and took several pix, most of which were bleh but a few seemed to capture the mood. The water was calm, there was barely a breeze - all you could hear was the gentle splashing sound of tarpon rolling just off the pier, using the CG's spotlights to find their dinner. I traded my camera for my fishing pole, but of course the tarpon ignored my efforts.

Perhaps it was because I was distracted by everything going on, and constantly looking over my shoulder for Jason.

The next morning I grabbed my canoe and headed for Bahia Honda. If you click on the pic of the beach, at first it looks normal; if you zoom/look closer, as you follow the beach you'll see the fog becoming thicker over the island. Oh and you'll also notice people swimming. Gotta like February in the Keys!

The old bridge never looked so ghostly.

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