Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday best

It's the greatest thing to happen to the NFL in ever, at least as far as watching it on TV. Better than the score/time ticker at the top of the screen. Better than the scrolling stat line at the bottom of the screen. Better than the yellow first-down line that is digitally inserted onto the field. Even better than cheerleader close-ups in HD.

I'm talking about the NFL Red Zone channel.

Thanks to the NFLRZ channel, instead of waiting for the action or (worse!) suffering through 3 hours of a Redskins/Chiefs snoozer, you're always watching something exciting. If a team is close to scoring, they take you there live and you watch that game. If another team in another game is also close, well then they split the screen for you and you watch that one as well. You do not miss a single TD all day. It's rapid-fire action, and no punting!

The best part? No commercials! The worst part? No commercials! It becomes a challenge to find 45 seconds to take a bathroom break, let alone 4-12 minutes (dang chili!). I'm gonna have to invest in a bathroom TV...

There is not a better way to spend $5 a month, never will be. Thank you NFL.

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