Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food fighting in FL

Report from MSNBC:

Cops say Mom attacked her son with a hammer - over a sandwich

What is it about food that incites violence in South Florida?

A day after a woman over on the Sunshine State's west coast attacked her roommate over a box of Girl Scout cookies, a woman down in the Keys was arrested for attacking her son during an argument over a sandwich.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says 60-year-old Urania Lot was arrested in Stock Island Monday morning after she punched, bit and hammered her 18-year-old son for eating his sandwich in the living room.

Lot and her granddaughter both told police that the man was rude and belligerent and refused to eat his snack in the dining room, despite Lot's plea.

Police said Lot threatened to break his television and kick him out of the house, then hit him with the hammer on his arm, bit him on the wrist then started punching him in the head.

Lot was arrested for aggravated battery.

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