Thursday, August 23, 2007

Swimming with the cudas

Years ago, on my first fishing trip to the keys, it came to my attention that barracudas are cannibalistic opportunists. I found out the fun way, I had one on the line and a bigger one attacked it, sawing it right in half. It was a moment I never forgot.

Now that I live here, I still enjoy targeting cudas because of their aggressive style of attacking and fighting. Today was no exception - but it was exceptional.

Using a topwater plug I caught (and released) a couple of fairly large fish. When a smaller cuda took the bait, he quickly went from hunter to victim. As I reeled him in, a larger one attacked and by the time I could reel it in all that was left on my hook was his head, with the lure still in his

mouth. So I tossed the whole rig back out, and waited for nature to take its course. It didn't take long...

About 5 minutes later, my line started flying out. I waited a few seconds, then set the hook. A monster cuda about 4' long had taken the head, and I had him hooked. Since I was using only 10 pound test and light tackle, the big cuda had the advantage. No matter, he was mine. A few minutes and several powerful runs and jumps later, I pulled him ashore.

Inside his mouth you can see the head of the smaller cuda, along with the well-traveled spook.

I love fishing.

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Cathy said...

If I have nightmares tonight, it'll be YOUR fault! Those fish scare me!! I think we ate barracuda in Aruba...with cheese on top. May not sound appetizing, but it was gooood (Anything with cheese on top is good)! That was at Marina Pirata!