Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Looe Key Reef - Part 1

Just a couple of miles off of Ramrod Key is Looe Key Reef, a protected area loaded with healthy coral and tons of marine life.

This shark was at least 8 feet long, and was less than 12 feet away from me when I first saw it. After recovering, I swam behind him for a while to get these pics. The water was only about 6 feet deep here, making it seem even bigger...

When the water got a little deeper, it started to get scarier to continue to follow the shark - it felt like he was luring me deeper into his world. I finally decided to let him swim away.

Big barracuda with a school of yellowtail following him. I'm more intimidated by cudas than sharks, probably because I catch so many when I fish the flats - I figure one day they'll seek their revenge on me.

Big jellyfish posing for the camera. I almost swam head first right into him, as I was looking down for fish instead of right in front of me.

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Cathy said...

The jelly is my favorite!! Even though they've caused me awful pain, they are so graceful!! Excellent photo!