Friday, October 24, 2008

Red and wet

It's that time of year again. FantasyFest week is here, and that apparently means two things: Duval Street will be full of crazy drunken revelers in all forms of dress (and undress), and that the skies will dump oceans of rain on the party. So far this year's party is right on schedule.

Last year I was a judge at the homemade bikini contest at Hog's Breath. It's a very popular event of the week, even better when you get to sit right at the stage while the contestants try their best to influence you for your vote. The contest (including the pre- and post-contest VIP parties) took about 5 hours, and when I walked out onto Duval street afterwards the street was flooded with nearly a foot of water. Apparently it had been raining the entire time.

This past Wednesday night, exactly one year to the day, we went out to enjoy the festivities. I didn't manage to get a seat at the judge's table this time, so we decided to pass on that event.

Instead, a group of us went to the 'Red' party at Fogarty's, another signature event of the week. It's exactly what it sounds like - everyone wears red, whether the color is in the form of clothing or body paint. Making things interesting was the rain. It poured, setting a record for the date (7 inches!) and was the 11th rainiest day in Key West history. Considering that we live in the tropics and battle hurricanes every year, that's saying something.

There are several wet t-shirt contests and body paint contests and naughty costume contests etc, but the rain did a fine job of making sure that everyone was wearing wet clothes so no need to pay that cover charge and crowd into a bar for any contests - just look around you!

Sorry to disappoint but I have no pictures to post. I left my camera at home, knowing we'd be walking in the rain for a good portion of the evening. Click here for some random pics (not mine) from last year's party.

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Anonymous said...

definatly a night to remember...good times, theres always some crazy costumes people can whip up with a red theme. i just heard about the funniest costume ever though, and yes i will share (also has nothing to do with the red party). so as you know when running back Rudi Johnson was let go by the Bungels...i ment bengels...the Lions picked him up and cut RB Tatum Bell. As Tatum was leaving the locker room and detroit facility for the last time it was at the same time that Rudi was entering. Tatum being a "good sportsman" volunteered to take Rudi's bag for him, needless to say the bag went missing for 3 days. Being returned with nothing that was initially in it (credit cards, cash, wallet, and gym shorts) so back to the costume part of this long story...former Detroit Lions WR Roy Williams shows up at a Detroit Lions halloween party wearing what else, but a hotel bellhop uniform on carrying a duffle bag wearing you guessed it...gym shorts that read Rudi Johnson on the back and a Tatum Bell jersey!