Monday, October 20, 2008

World Seriezzzzzzzz

As a Red Sox fan I have to admit that I was expecting the BoSox to breeze to victory once they'd managed to force a Game 7 - Game 5 was another classic Sox comeback, and their Game 6 win seemed like a prelude to another series victory. Then something happened in Game 7: The Rays showed up, and against the best pitcher the Sox had to offer. They finished off Jon Lester, and then used a 23 year old rookie pitcher to get the last 4 outs, getting the first save of his career in the process.

The result is a snoozer of a series with the Rays against the Phillies. Outside of Tampa/St Pete and Philadelphia, who cares?? Yeah I'm bitter that it's not the Sox, but prove me wrong. Show me TV ratings that prove people care. Ain't gonna happen.

At least I can get some sleep now. Good luck Rays.

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